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Checkpoint #1: my first boyfriend

 We've all sat and wondered what it would be like to have a significant other. (In my case, a boyfriend.) We long for that sensation... feeling like we are loved by someone outside of our known circle. Now that that mooshy-gooshy gross introduction is out of the way (I physically cringed while writing that,) here's the story of my first boyfriend. Let's call him... Gull. 'Why would we call him Gull?' You ask. Well, he laughed like a fucking seagull on crack falling off a building because it forgot it had wings and decided to take a stroll down Cloud Ave.  So it all started back in freshman year. A whole two years ago. When Gull was dating my friend (and I'm throwing the word 'friend' around like confetti.) I had never really had a conversation with Gull or the girl he was dating, all I knew was that he was semi-attractive and kinda funny. Skipping forward a year because literally nothing happened to me freshman year, I'm in my study hall class with a